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Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre los paneles solares Iss

autor: Barry Brenner | fecha: 04-26-2013

12345|The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, in addition to many other organizations today, has made the most out of solar arrays. They have managed to implement huge iss solar arrays in space. Eight of therm are mounted on NASA's International Space Station are out there day and night, capturing the unlimited power of the sun. They provide enough energy for the space station, which consumes only one fourth of the total power provided. The rest is stored in batteries and can be used in case of emergencies.|23456 12345|These iss solar arrays are considered a technological breakthrough by most of the solar energy scientists alive today. Moreover, some of them even think that in the near future we can place enough solar arrays in space that we might actually power up whole cities. However, that's only a presumption, because the technology is not that advanced to allow us to transfer energy through space.|23456 12345|Each solar array wing on the space station has a dimension of 108 feet by 38 feet. Before the final launch into space, each array was carefully inspected in order to ensure that it would withstand the harsh conditions out there. Each wing features two solar array blankets and each blanket consist of eighty four panels with a total of 262,400 solar cells. The total amount of energy produced by the eight iss solar arrays is more than enough to power over two hundred houses for one whole year.|23456 12345|If you are keen on solar energy and you can withstand a real challenge, you should be aware that you can actually win $30,000 if you will help NASA to power their International Space Station, in terms of developing a unique software algorithm that improves the efficiency of the in the outer space. NASA is still looking for viable solutions to reduce or even completely eliminate the shadows the space station casts on itself while spinning. You can find this challenge and many others at and .|23456 12345|What's really amazing about these is that they are a huge leap forward for modern scientists. If people have managed to harness the power of the sun in the space, who says they won't be able in the near future to harness the power of the ocean even at 200 miles below water? Everything is possible, especially as the technology is evolving at a rapid pace.|23456 12345||23456

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